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Photography is a painting painted by the sun.

Michael Livshin fell in love with photography as a teen, when his dad gifted him an old rangefinder. The moment he pressed the shutter and created his first photograph he began to see the world in a different light. Years of study, devotion and practice has brought him to where he invests his talent and skill into creating a masterpiece of fine art, rather than merely shooting a photo.

Michael strives not just to take a picture but to make a picture, finding beauty in the most mundane of scenes, fascinated by the light and shadow, contrast and color, mood and expression, geometrical perspective and composition.

His specialty is portraits, where he seeks to capture the emotion, trait and character at the precise moment of full expression. As a master painter who expresses his unique artistic talent, Michael’s portraits reflect the inner beauty he sees in every human being Created in His image.

Michael Livshin is determined to satisfy every client by assuring artistic heritage of professionalism and authenticity, with a masterpiece to be cherished for generations to come.

Please tour the site and enjoy the many beautiful images proudly displayed.

Michael looks forward to welcoming you into his studio or meeting you at a venue of your choosing.