Michael Livshin Photography | About

From the shores of the Baltic Sea, to the peaks of Himalayas and Pamir, to the deserts of Central Asia, to the jungle of New York City - I bring you my vision.

Vision full of beauty and love, pain and suffering, healing and hope. It is my journey, my eyes are my witness, my soul is screaming in search, music is silent, and camera is just a tool.

I humbly ask to use this tool to find meaning, purpose and destiny.

It is there, I know it, I feel it, I've seen it.

Take this step with me, and be amazed.

Every person (human being) is a puzzle, mystery, enigma. 

I believe the photography can unwrap the enigma of the moment do that.

I want you to be ultimately happy with your choice. My goal is to wow you with vision, Whether you choose me to make your portrait, or trust me to immortalize your special day of the wedding, bar-mitzvah, I will strive to unlock the mystery of the soul in your eyes.

I started to photograph when I was a teenager and remained faithful to it until today.